Ganu kit is composed of computer parts. Anyone can assemble the computer and have a feeling of technical creativity. The kit design is little challenging and mechanical in nature. Kids specially love this.


The core purpose of Ganu kit is to expose coding to everyone. Instead of only consuming technology; make it, create it. Ganu kit is best aid to learn programming, physical computing and internet of things.


Connect it to Ganu IOT platform. The seamless and easiest way to configure and connect to internet of things.Automate your digital lifestyle. Ganu IOT is coming soon for Gan u kit.

What's Inside?

The Kit

The kit contains 13 components plus 2 books. The kit comprise of different cables, case, raspberry pi chip, nuts and bolts, keyboard etc. The first book explains how kids can fix the mechanical fixings to make ganu kit tower. The second book explores coding using lessons and content.

Raspberry Pi 2

The Raspberry Pi 2 is the lightweight and powerful thing behind Ganu creations. Its system-on-a-chip packs an 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 and a 1GB RAM.


Easy to handle transperent case. It keeps your ganu kit firm and also open for physical computing. It is the best and safe case. The mechanical fixing to build Ganu tower gives the creator self-creativity feeling; it is the best thing ahead of coding.

The Keyboard

You have wireless touchpad keyboard with unifying receiver and extender. It also comes with touch pad; so do coding, play games and do anything with this keyboard. Connect the Ganu kit to your TV and operate the things from distance on your couch. It help parents and kids to sit together and do wonders.

The Bubble Speaker

This is now ballon but bubble speaker with its charging cable. It is equipped with lithium ion batteries. Charge whenever needed. You may also connect it to your other devices. It only gives out sound and music.

HDMI Cable

The high definition interaface gives out progressive full HD output on TV and monitor. This makes your picture perfect.

Power Adapter and Flat Micro USB Cable

The C-Type power adapter and flat micro usb cable power ups your Ganu kit. The same cable and adapter can be used to charge your mobile phone taking 1A-5V.

Memory Card with Adapter

Pre-loaded with OS: Sandisk Ultra, 8GB, Class 10 micro SD card and SD card adapter.

WiFi Dongle

Get connected to internet in just two simple steps. Connect the dongle and put the pre-shared key of your WiFi internet access.


You are accompanained by Kaivu and Hridu with the books. Assemble fearlessly and code like brave. The books will help you to do that and you love the content of it.


Physical computing is one thing that Ganu kit will let you know. The LED provided with the kit will help you to write your first physical computing program and then using it for internet of things. You can switch it on and off from anywhere in the world using internet and connected LED at Ganu kit.

Ganu for Individual
1-4 kits

Ganu for individual is best suited product for kids at home. Parents can enjoy learning and coding with kids. The content is awesome thing that comes with the kit.

Ganu Kit (Ships Free)
Lesson Plans Not Availaible
Syllabus Content Paid

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Ganu for Groups
5-9 kits

Ganu for group is best suited product for kids in group. Classes, groups and kids staying in the same society can choose this option for group discount.

Ganu Kit
Lesson Plans
Syllabus Content Paid

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Ganu for Educators
10+ kits

Educators can get access to special bulk discounts for teach in classrooms. Use the lesson plans and curriculum based material (paid).

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